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NURSERY (Montessori -I)


Age Group :2.6 - 3.6 Years

Duration (Per Day):3 Hrs/Day

Montessori activities for the Montessori I ( Nursery) group of children include Exercise of Practical Life that not only helps them to perform daily life activities independently but also gain control of movement - sorting, pouring, folding, rolling etc. by using scientifically designed Montessori materials. Sensorial activities allow children to see, touch and feel various physical properties of matter. Arithmetic activities introduce concepts of number, fun of counting and understanding the relationship between number names and quantities. Language activities such as phonics & writing skills are introduced to children through various hands-on processes like, tracing of sand paper letters, use of moveable alphabets.

- Classroom activities start with patterning skills, colouring work sheets, joining dotted lines etc. for development of fine motor skills . Digital smart class activities develop general awareness of age appropriate concepts of science and environmentthrough class interaction by teacher. Children participate in Thematic activities, through role plays, story telling and show and tell all round the year. Moreover, daily Outdoor Playtime is a big attraction for all Bright kids.